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Alternative Fundraiser Form

Banks Elementary School PTO
Alternative Fundraiser


This fundraiser is in lieu of our annual catalog sales - sending students home with the tasks of selling door-to-door, collecting money, and delivering goods.  Historically, catalog sales are our most profitable fundraiser, so in order to continue to support our school at the same level, we need to earn money in an alternate way.  Please help us avoid catalog sales by supporting our PTO with your donation and helping us achieve our goals in supporting our students and staff.  We will still continue our traditional events such as Harvest Fest, Family Movie Nights, and Family Dances.
Thank You (in advance) for your support!
_____   $15   I do not want to bake, so here is the money I would have spent on those cupcakes.
_____   $25   I do not want to hit up friends, family, co-workers, so here is the money I would have spent buying cookie dough.
_____   $50   I do not want to walk, swim, or run in any activity.  Here is the money I would have spent on my “free” t-shirt.
_____   $75   I don’t want to attend any fancy auctions, so here is the money I would have spent on a new outfit.
_____   $100  I really wouldn’t have helped anyway, so here is $100 in lieu of my attendance.
$________      I am making this donation to express my appreciation for having nothing to buy, sell or do except fill out this form.
Name ____________________________________   Phone # ___________________________
Student Name _______________________________ Grade ______  Email _____________________
Please print and submit this form with your check, in an envelope marked “PTO,” to the school office.  Or mail it to us at BES PTO, P.O. Box 515, Banks, OR 97106.
Don’t forget, you can also earn your school extra $$ through these programs!
·         Log your donation with your employer’s education donation matching program.
·         Collect and turn in Boxtops and Labels for Education
·         Register your Target credit card with Target’s Take Charge of Education program (
·         Register your Fred Meyer Rewards card with Community Rewards Program (
·         Use for all of your Amazon purchases.
·         Log your Volunteer Hours with your employer
What does the BES PTO do with your money?
In previous years, the BES PTO has purchased:

·         Supplies for each classroom
·         Kindergarten classroom rug
·         Classroom rug cleaning
·         AV equipment for PAT
·         New playground slide
·         Appreciation meals for BES staff
·         Outdoor School scholarships
·         Computer accessories and software
·         Butterfly gardens for kinders
·         Extra dry clothes to keep in the office

*We do not take credit for this form, it was borrowed from another school and we appreciate the inspiration!*