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Playground Upgrade

Have you seen our new Playground Fundraising Display?  The display case between the office and the cafeteria now shows the different options that we are trying to save money for.  As our school district has continued to grow - our playground has not. We are in desperate need of more equipment for the children to play on.

Our goal is to earn $30000 in order to add 1 large piece of equipment, plus a few small improvements.

As we have events/fundraisers, every time our profit is above what we budgeted (or any time we spend less than we budgeted), the difference will go toward the playground equipment goal.  Plus, we will have a few fundraisers dedicated to raising playground funds (such as the Civil War Penny Drive we just completed).

Do you want to help us get to our goal?  Just click on the button below:

Here's how things are going.....

Beginning Balance:                         $4966.91
  Roll-over from 2015-2016            $1000.00
  Summer 2016 improvements       -$    90.97
  Bob's Red Mill above budget        $  143.00
  Directory printing below budget   $  135.00
  Civil War Penny Drive                  $  500.60
  Teacher Donations                        $   105.03
  Business Donations                       $   369.37
  Interest                                           $      0.29
Directory sales                                $        4.00
Current Balance                               $7133.23

Status..........24% to Goal

Here are some pictures of the Equipment we are saving for:

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