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March 18, 2015

News from March PTO Meeting - 3/9/15

March's meeting was small - only had 6 attendees. 

The decision was made to minimize PTO events and fundraising for the next school year.  We will be doing JUST 1 event and it will be a fundraiser in 2015-2016.  Brave Run would also continue to happen, if the Brave Run committee decides to continue with the event.

The hope is that we can get the community, volunteers, teachers, and students to rally around that event, make it HUGE, and earn enough money to support the school throughout the entire year. 
  • That cookie dough/catalog sales, no movie nights, no Back-to-School BBQ (the Open house is run by the school, just the BBQ will go away).
  • BoxTop/Labels for Education collection will continue.
  • If a volunteer has a strong desire to have an event/program, and is willing to take a leadership role making it happen, the PTO will be willing to support.  The volunteer will need to get PTO Board approval.
This would help us stop over-working our volunteers by trying to cover all of the things that the PTO is currently doing, and potentially get more to help with 1 finite event.

We will still need to have discussion around what the event will be and how we will financially support the school with the proceeds of this event (1 big project vs. small expenses throughout the year).

This decision does not have any impact on non-PTO fundraising activities such as: sports, scouts, library, or school-run events (Run for the Arts, Science Fair, book fairs, etc.).